The DC Film Universe Thread.

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Re: The DC Film Universe Thread.

Tue Aug 09, 2022 2:02 pm

I think the conundrum for DC is that two franchises seem to be working in Momoa's Aquaman and Gadot's Wonder Woman - both versions they could still get a few more films out of, but the rest of the Snyderverse Justice League have actor/character combos that need to be rebooted going forward. They don't have a Superman it appears if Cavil doesn't want to be back, Batman is a convoluted mess (not helped by the Pattinson Batman running parallel outside of the main JL verse - let alone Joker - and uncertainty about Afleck's interest going forward, and whatever they are doing with Keaton), Cyborg is off the board (Fisher won't be back, and they can't recast him without reopening that whole debate about his accusations), and as for Miller in the Flash role, PR issues aside, Miller's behavior has to give WB pause about how reliable they might be to be the center of a $200 million investment. I don't think Miller's Flash is so beloved by audiences where if they went in a new direction it would be jarring, but still it is one more part of the JL that was established that isn't working out. It is a shame as it certainly appears that Miller needs some help.

Maybe they need to let WW and Aquaman carry the load, let Pattinson's Batman have its own side story, see how they fold in Shazam and Black Adam (and Hawkman, Fate and Atom), and try to build up Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, etc. Maybe a DCU that ignores Bats, Supes and Flash in the main continuity for a while is needed.

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