Warning About A Thief In The Custom Community

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Warning About A Thief In The Custom Community

Fri May 21, 2021 11:52 am

Its been a long time since Ive posted here, so long in fact that I have lost my login and created a new one so that I could make this post.

You may know me from my custom work or have purchased Timmverse custom kits from my store GeekVariety Customs in the past before I shut it down. I havent been doin much in the custom figure world for the past few years but I still keep and eye on things to see whats new and interesting. I found something very interesting recently that I wanted to share with as many people in the custom figure world as possible, and its nothing good.

Sadly its come to my attention that someone has stolen my work and been selling it as their own, which is the reason for this post. I wanted to warn folks to please stay away from two individuals and to please not purchase items from them because in doing so you will be supporting a thief and liar who not only stole from me but other custom kit makers you may also know.

The two people in question are 37customs (John Sabich) and PJSCUSTOMSCASTINGS.

Mr Sabich stole some kits from me a few years ago and has since recast those kits and is selling them on both ebay and facebook through PJS page/site.

The main kit in question is my original sculpted Killer Croc from BTAS, which you can see the original prototype painted here on my deviantart page along with a good portion of my other kits and things https://www.deviantart.com/geekvarietyd ... -564848820

As you can see 37 and PJ are selling an exact recast of my original artwork without permission here on ebay and also on facebook along with other kits hes stolen from other custom kit makers.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/402096063460?h ... Swx8xfGge8

I would ask that you please do not give this person any money and if you know someone who might be considering making a purchase from them to please rethink this and not show them any patronage.

Ive only become aware of their actions in the past few days and Im doing my best to inform the custom figure community of their shady practices and thievery so that nobody else gets taken advantage of and has their work stolen by these crooks.

Hes stolen my original artwork and hes stolen money from me as well.
Please dont support these two thieves.

Thank you.


For anyone wanting all the details.
A few years ago 37Customs purchased several kits from me.
He said when they arrived they were all destroyed and sent me staged pictures of the broken parts.
I didnt recognize any of the pieces as my own work and pushed him on the matter. He persisted in the lie.
I would eventually give him a refund for his loss and thats when he vanished from communication and didnt send back the "broken" parts like I requested and we had agreed upon so that I could file a claim with the post office for damages etc.
Turns out the kits werent broken like he pretended, so he not only got the kits but got a full refund as well.
He has since recast the castings I sent him and has been reselling them on ebay and facebook.
Please be aware these people are out there doing this and please do not buy anything from them.

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