New Ebay Forum Guidelines (Read Before Posting)

Got a Custom, Model, Garage Kit or OOAKS on eBay? Pimp it here! Got some ideas to help better you Modeller's eBay sale? Post it here. For non-Custom eBay listings, use the FWOOSH Deals forum.
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New Ebay Forum Guidelines (Read Before Posting)

Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:11 am

Welcome to the Pimp Your eBay Custom Forum!!

The Pimp your Ebay Custom forum is to be used for letting other members know about your custom figures that are listed in ebay auctions. Here are a few of the rules -

1. This forum is not to be meant to advertise any of your non custom ebay auctions. Any non custom ebay item links will be deleted.
2. Only one bump is allowed when there is 24 hours or less remaining on your auction.
3. You may place multiple links in one thread for custom auctions that are going to end at the same time.
4. Please do not place links to your ebay store as you may also have non custom items going on at the same time as your custom item.
5. NEW RULE!! You may also place links to custom fodder lots. Discretion will be used by the mods as to whether or not an auction falls into this category. For example, an auction of multiple complete figures would not be considered a custom fodder lot even though the pieces may be considered good for customs.

Any questions, please contact myself or any other Mod.

Have Fun!!!

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